The Premier Workbook and Digital Download Creation Online Learning Program

Workbook Workshop is a complete step-by-step system for helping online bloggers, coaches, and course creators learn how to use Adobe InDesign for their business. Whether you create and sell digital downloads, you want to provide your students valuable PDF downloads, or set up content upgrades and opts ins to grow your email list, Workbook Workshop can help you turn your creative ideas into tangible assets that your audience will love.

Who is this online learning program for?

Workbook Workshop has helped hundreds of people and companies harness the power of Adobe InDesign to create powerful marketing assets.
Bloggers: Workbook Workshop teaches bloggers how to create beautiful content upgrades, worksheets, and media kits.

Course Creators: Workbook Workshop helps course creators create engaging and lucrative "pre-launch lead magnets" and actionable course materials like worksheets, cheat sheets, swipe files, and more.

Coaches: Workbook Workshop allows coaches to create stunning client homework, pricing lists, media kits, proposals, and more.


Workbook Workshop 4.0 is the most sleek and easy-to-learn curriculum yet.

Workbook Workshop was founded in late 2015 and has gone through four major overhauls. Workbook Workshop 4.0 is the latest version and is the best one yet.


Each student is taken through a step-by-step curriculum designed to help your learn InDesign fast.


Included in your order is 30+ copy and paste InDesign templates. Just add your content and branding and hit publish!


Need extra help? We have review practice sessions after each module to help you retain what you just learned.


Workbooks, eBooks, media kits, proposals, planners, and more.

The skill set that you acquire as a student goes far beyond just being able to create workbooks.

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The Dude Behind the Program

Through my own programs as well as programs I have been a guest teacher on,  I have taught thousands of other content creators how to design their workbooks from start to finish.

In 2014, after becoming overwhelmed with designing PDF content upgrades, I went all in and started learning InDesign furiously. I came out just a few months later with an in depth understanding of not only the software, but the best process for creating engaging workbooks.

Thinking of joining the program?

Want to join Workbook Workshop? You can join our VIP notification list by grabbing our free gift below.